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VerifyReg ™ is an AIM Global initiative as the Global Industry Association that connects, standardizes, and advances automatic identification technologies. 

AIM is the premier global industry alliance uniting a diverse spectrum of stakeholders ranging from RFID and barcoding experts to pioneers in smart devices and other AIDC technologies like Blockchain, IoT, and RTLS.  AIM serves as a vital stakeholder for industries and entities involved in the implementation, utilization, development, and distribution of these cutting-edge technologies. AIM’s commitment to fostering adoption and seamless interoperability underscores our pivotal role for those reliant on precise, accessible, and traceable data. As a torchbearer for industry standards, AIM plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s landscape; fostering a vibrant community which successfully advocates for the advancement of technologies. AIM’s engagement with industries and governments has long empowered us to break down market barriers and limitations, paving the way for unhindered growth to everyone in the market.

With a well-earned reputation for credibility and an adept understanding of the global marketplace, AIM brings over 50 years of experience to parties involved in our work, giving you the opportunity for success on an international scale. Notably, with our latest endeavor, VerifyReg™, which has been created to help stakeholders adhere to proper labeling techniques in accordance to the  U.S. FDA's Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), the VerifyReg™  team meticulously validates the structural integrity of the mandated and preferred data markers of 2D and linear barcodes on pharmaceuticals. This not only bolsters confidence throughout the supply chain but also exemplifies AIM’s continual dedication to upholding data integrity in the realm of pharmaceutical distribution. VerifyReg™ stands as the latest testament to AIM’s continual growth and innovation.

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For more information related to VerifyReg™, contact the Program Manager or +1 724.742.4470

Meet the Team 

VerifyReg™ is a result of the collaboration between AIM, Inc. and a group of distinguished professionals and organizations who have dedicated their careers to various aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain, including compliance, technology integration, and interoperability. This program is meticulously engineered to validate the complex code structures of the mandatory and preferred data markers on pharmaceutical products, instilling confidence through unwavering data integrity across every link of the supply chain.

Meet the Minds Behind the Solution: The team is comprised of individuals and organizations with extensive backgrounds and achievements in areas crucial to the success of VerifyReg™:

  1. Pharmaceutical Compliance Experts: Seasoned professionals with profound knowledge of pharmaceutical regulations and standards, ensuring that VerifyReg™ aligns seamlessly with the requirements of the DSCSA.
  2. Technology Pioneers: Visionaries in the field of technology integration, enabling VerifyReg™ to leverage the latest advancements in data management and interoperability.
  3. Supply Chain Strategists: Experts who have immersed themselves in the dynamics of pharmaceutical distribution, offering insights that empower VerifyReg™ to check the key traceability methods to create transparency throughout the supply chain.

Chuck Evanhoe

| President & CEO | Aware Innovations

Chuck is internationally recognized as an expert in Automatic Identification and Data Capture and Collection (AIDC) technologies, a key enabler for the Internet of Things (IoT). He is an active member and Chair of the US Technical Advisors Group (ADC1 TAG) for radio frequency identification (RFID), real-time locating systems (RTLS) and bar code standards to both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and a U.S. delegate to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for AIDC technologies and as the Chair of the INCITS IoT TAG, the U.S. mirror group to ISO/IEC/JTC 1/ SC 41 on IoT Standards. 

Glenn Spitz| Director, Engineering ID Products | Cognex Corporation

Glenn has been personally involved in standards development with AIM, GS1 and ISO since the early 1990s. Glenn has been a key innovator in the development of 2D bar code verification methodology and technology. He holds several patents related to bar code verification, including the 2001 patent entitled, Self-contained scanning and verifying apparatus with movably mounted scanning unit which enabled the first controlled verification of stacked symbologies such as PDF417. The related product was recognized as the one of the Russ Adams Top 10 of Frontline Expo 2000 for being the first raster verifier.

Jeanne Duckett | Senior Manager of Traceability and Transparency Technology Solutions | Avery Dennison

 Jeanne leads the Transparency Initiative Development for Avery Dennison Printer Systems investigating: Blockchain, Distributed Computing, RFID, networking and new technology.   Jeanne participates on Technology Symbols, Wireless Communication, GS1 Supply Chain Visibility and GS1 Foodservice Initiatives. She is also a contributing member of the GS1 Global Traceability Initiative. 


Patti Blessing | Hospitality Sales Engagement Manager Executive | Zebra

 Patti has direct experience with retail, manufacturing, and healthcare management.  Patti has knowledge in delivering automation solutions including RFID, sensor technologies, temperature management and data analytics.


Scott Austin| Director | Zugang Technology Connections

 With over 20 year's experience in the development and evolution of Identification Technologies (Smartcard/RFID/NFC), Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technologies, Scott has been a key developer of the VerifyReg ™ platform.  Scott has a Certificate in Future Commerce, Financial Technology from MIT.


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