How VerifyReg™ Works

VerifyReg ™ is a platform supporting the pharmaceutical supply chain continuum with a single checkmark that showcases your organization’s ability to create quality symbologies in adherence to critical supply chain standards! We consolidate, through our single independent and trusted industry position, a review of self-declared compliance documentation pertaining to the data marking standards for the DSCSA and other industry guidance. We then issue a certificate of compliance that can be openly viewed and validated by any actor in the supply chain through scanning a QR code and viewing the status of compliance from the participant.

Key Identification Elements for VerifyReg ™

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What You Need to Verify

For each product label you wish to verify, please have the following information available when you apply for verification. Customers will be notified within three (3) business days of us receiving the physical copy of the label/package whether their product label qualifies for the VerifyReg™

The physical copy ONLY should be mailed to:

AIM Global
100 Allegheny Drive
Suite 105C
Warrendale, PA 15086 USA

DO NOT MAIL YOUR PRODUCT / DRUG with your sample label/package.  If anything other than the label/package is received, we will not do any of the verification process!

Terms of Use

VerifyReg™ customers agree to the Terms and Conditions of the VerifyReg™ program.

Terms and Conditions 

Customer Login

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