VerifyReg™: Independent Review of Encoded Data Structure Standards for Assurance of Accurate Traceability and Compliance Confidence in Support of the DSCSA 

A properly formatted bar code is the key to the execution of traceability and visibility in the Pharmaceutical supply chain.  This is where VerifyReg™ steps in, simplifying the complexities of needing to understand data structures for compliance by having the Bar Code Industry Association provide an independent review to ensure the proper symbology (Linear and 2D Data Matrix barcodes) constructs adhere to DSCSA requirements for compliance.

What does a VerifyReg™ checkmark mean? The manufacturers receive independent confirmation that their linear and 2D Data Matrix conforms to the quality and encoded data structure standards, providing assurance that products can be traced accurately and efficiently in support of the DSCSA. 



Why VerifyReg™

Who Should Verify? 

Any entity in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain that labels and/or re-labels pharmaceutical products.


Who Benefits from VerifyReg™?

The VerifyReg™ tool benefits a variety of stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain; this includes manufacturers, wholesalers, packagers, and dispensers. By receiving a VerifyReg™ checkmark, these stakeholders receive independent confirmation through our patented process that the printed symbologies sent to us conform to quality and encoded data structures supported by DSCSA regulations, which in turn can help them avoid potential penalties and damage to their reputation.

Wholesalers and packagers benefit from increased confidence in the authenticity of products they distribute, reducing the risk of liability. Dispensers benefit from knowing the products they dispense to patients are properly maintained in the supply chain.

VerifyReg™ provides a valuable tool for the entire pharmaceutical supply chain by checking that symbologies are properly encoded, helping to maintain data integrity and protecting against counterfeit and illegitimate products.

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